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How To Select The Right Caterer for Your Corporate Event

Many people find organizing company events or holiday get-togethers difficult, overwhelming or a tad bore. Besides, finding a competent and reliable caterer for your cooperate event is not as easy.

Since most corporate events occur in a while, giving it your all to make it a success is all you need to do.  But choosing the right company from the muck of providers is the hardest, even for the experienced.

Now, if you don’t want to make hell of an event, do not just hire anyone with a flashy portfolio.  Sometimes, they may sound as good, only to disappoint later. Here a few tips you can take advantage of.

Hire a caterer who listens

Event planning is a multi step process that requires a lot of details.It becomes worse if you are involved in organizing large-scale corporate occasions. In that case, you’ll need a professional – a caterer – to help you through each of the processes.

Plus, managers, board members and high profile customers have evolved needs and preferences. In that case, you’ll need a service provider who is listener. Someone who can listen, understand and provide only what guests need - top-notch service delivery.

Go for efficiency

This is a corporate event.  And, given the kind of people in attendance, you need a high degree of efficiency. You need to have a smooth running throughout the event. Remember as much as these events are meant for unwinding or for discussing business-related issues.

So, quality food and drinks might be provided. But the primary reason for a meeting is to address pressing issues that concern a business. Choose a toronto caterer that can prioritize efficiency while respecting your visitors and their most valuable asset,time.

So, if you go for buffet-style services, it is important to make sure that all items are labelled. Some of your visitors have allergies and other dietary restrictions. You have to make the buffets double-sided to reduce the waiting time for guests to eat.

Somebody who can help you manage your visitors

In this case, you have to get the head count right. Actually, this is where you should begin. You have to know your guest count. Even if you go for an approximate figure, it will play a great role in helping to set the planning phases in motion, both with your financial plan and menu design. Getting a service provider that offers programs, software and assistance with managing seating and check-ins will be of great help.

Expect professional hand service

Hire a caterer that has high service standards. Not the kind that will occasionally distract the audience when, say, the CEO is giving out awards or your guest speaker is addressing the audience. You need a service provider who can provide a quiet service. In many occasions, hand services are preferred for serving a clearing the tables.  This will ensure that there are no huge trays to drop or any clanking of dishware to interrupt the program. That means you have to go a for a company with highly-trained staff who can competently and quietly serve your guests. 

A planner, especially with meals

Remember the greater the head-count, the more diverse your visitor’s needs are. That means, to effectively serve the needs for each of them, you’ll need provide different meals. Also, make sure to consider different eating habits while designing the menu. Ensure that there are alternative available for those who are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.

Consider “menu tasting”before your occasion

If the caterer is not willing to give you a sample of what they intend to offer during the event, that is an instant red flag.  And, you definitely can’t be confident in the meals for your guests and visitors will eat, if you have n idea how it looks or tastes like. Since you will be investing in the team and trusting its service, you need to see whether your “ROI’ is something that can impress your guests. Find a company or an individual with a bit of transparency. Someone who informs you of the progress, changes and what they will offer to your visitors.

Drinks or no drinks

Liquor is often used as a welcoming addition to any evening corporate event particularly a fundraising occasion, annual business meeting or a holiday party. However, before taking any step, it is vital to ensure that the service provider is permitted to serve alcohol. Then, it is important to find out if the event is appropriate for providing alcoholic drinks to your guests. Nevertheless, training conferences might be a good platform for a non-alcoholic beverages. All you need is to make sure that your guests have a fabulous moment, but you do not want to offer a platform for overindulgence. Choose a caterer that can guide you through this procedure to ensure your event ends smoothly.